Financing Options

Central Service Inc. and our partnership with Patriot Capital, is pleased to provide a range of equipment financing options for your fueling equipment, point of sale, LED lighting and other convenience store equipment purchases.

Patriot Capital and Your Financing Needs

C-Store owners have a lot on their hands these days, new Federal and State regulations, aging equipment, employees, don’t let financing be an extra burden. Equipment financing and leasing is a proven method for C-store owners to fund their growing businesses for things like, new sites, remodels or upgrades, including achieving EMV payment compliance or brand standards.

Equipment financing & leasing provides many benefits to fuel retailers and commercial fueling operations, including:

  • 100% of the costs, including shipping, installation, and maintenance, can be included in the lease.
  • No blanket liens or second mortgages.
  • Leasing doesn’t tie up lines of credit.
  • Preserve lines of credit for things that grow your business like land, more sites, fuel inventory, etc.
  • The upfront costs are very non-restrictive, generally only two payments in advance.
  • Lease payments are fixed, not variable.

How Does the C-Store & Fueling Equipment Financing Process Work?

Here’s how easy it is to finance your gas pumps, fuel tanks or other convenience store equipment with various equipment financing and leasing options.

Getting a gas pump loan or equipment financing for an underground tank upgrade or other site improvement differs from other small business loans in several ways. Patriot Capitals leasing and financing have several advantages for gas station and c-store owners:

  • The term of our financing is generally five years for gas pump loans and similar financing.
  • Interest rates are fixed for the term of the lease or financing.  This is different than other small business loans, where you may be exposed to rising interest rates over the term of the loan.
  • Equipment financing can include financing or leasing installation and related costs as well as the equipment cost.

If you are interested in a loan to upgrade your gas pumps, tanks (UST’s), or other convenience store or fueling equipment, give us a call at 541-550-7230 to learn about the advantages of financing or leasing your equipment.