Compliance Testing

Every 3 years it will be mandatory to have all containment sumps undergo an Integrity test, ensuring that sumps are water tight per EPA and State regulations.

As of October 2018 it will become mandatory that all Sumps undergo an Integrity test to ensure they are water tight.  Containment sumps are liquid tight structures designed to temporarily contain leaks or spills. In addition, containment sumps often serve as the leak detection monitoring  location for double-walled piping systems. Leakage from the primary piping typically flows by gravity inside the secondary piping to the sump, where it can be easily observed or detected by a sensor.

Central Service Inc. uses the latest sump testing equipment from Franklin Fueling Systems to test your sumps per state and Federal Regulations using a hydrostatic method.

When choosing CSI for your integrity testing you are assured that you will have minimal site down time as our testing methods take a fraction of the time of a traditional hydro test and you will receive the results the same day.