Central Service Inc.’s Carwash team supports carwash operators with system selection, system installation, maintenance and operational programs. We offer design, construction, installation of equipment and maintenance of all major carwash systems.  We can provided complete carwash systems; structures, equipment, water reclamation systems, reverse osmosis systems, controls and all related components.  Our experienced technicians can provide maintenance services, retro-fits and preventative maintenance programs.  We offer data information systems which enables tracking of site history, operating equipment, scheduled maintenance solutions and carwash chemical usage.

We are a distributor of ­Blendco’s complete line of car wash chemicals which are dedicated to providing customers the best products that will ensure vehicles are clean, spot free dry, and shine like no other.

Equipment and Services:

  • In-Bay Automatics
  • Conveyor Tunnels
  • Friction Rollovers
  • Self Service Equipment
  • Large Vehicle Washing
  • Chemical Solutions
  • Point of Sale Systems
  • Vacuums & Combo Units
  • Surveillance Systems

When choosing a location and designing a top-notch car wash system, through installation and service support, our highly effective sales and service teams dedicate themselves to helping you achieve your business goals.